Enterprise Class Telephone Systems

All the features and benefits large companies enjoy, at a price that is cost effective and hassle free. We tailor a solution that works best for your company (Nuvolo Systems can save you 20-40% off your business phones)

Our Virtual PBX manages your call flow and working with our technical advisors each system can be configured to meet your own business needs. There are other very specialized features like call recording, broadcast paging, billing codes, Automatic Call Distribution queues, vacation and call screening.

Virtual PBX

A Virtual PBX can be deployed immediately. In fact, most business owners are able to have their hosted PBX setup and running without interruption of service. Best of all, working with our technical advisors you newer and more flexible hosted call flow is deployed day one.

Virtual PBX allows the flexibility to add additional lines, phones, and even an entire new department in minutes which would be normally much more complex with a traditional on-site hardware based PBX. When you have our Virtual PBX you outsource all the technical stuff, to us.

User Features

Our Virtual PBX and phone provides a wide variety of features that we will configure with you to meet your call flow requirements. Below is a short variety as a sample of what is available.

There is a Dial Out Feature allows moderators to use Web Portal to dial to the people you want in a conference who have not logged in yet. The Dial Out tab under Conferencing allows you to select people from your Personal and Corporate Directories to call and add to the conference one at a time.

Additionally the Meet-Me conference application provides functionality to allow invitees on your Virtual PBX to search for a conference and then join directly from the Web Portal interface.

Enhanced Features

Below is a very short list of the enhanced features that can be configured to make your call management more seamless. Depending on the call flow and need for features, we can customize your Virtual PBX to handle just about any call flow. Here are some example features.

Standard Functions